Frequently Asked Questions

What payment forms are accepted

Cash, Credit Card, Check

Do you have full Grand Pianos?

Yes, our studios with full Grand Pianos start at $25/hr.

Are your pianos tuned?

Yes, we maintain our pianos regularly, and always listen to our customers to schedule a technician when any issue is reported to us.

My child is playing a competition, do you have pianos similar to the competition pianos on which they will play?

Yes, some of our studios contain 7ft 6 inch Semi-Concert Grand Pianos. For solo piano practice on these pianos it is $35/hr.

I have booked one of your studios for a recital, will you set up the chairs before our arrival?

No, you should factor in time for set-up and breakdown when making your reservation.

I just called to cancel my reservation, was it accepted?

No, cancellation requests must be sent exclusively to –
Messages left in person, by telephone or voicemail will not be accepted.

I have a series confirmed with you but have now realized I haven't filled my classes. Can I cancel?

Please see our cancellation policy regarding series reservations here –

Are your studios soundproofed?

Our studios are sound conditioned from within to enhance the rehearsal experience and to mitigate sound transfer between studios, but we are not a soundproofed facility.

Can we record at your studios?

We do not have any recording facilities, equipment, or engineers, however many of our clients have recorded themselves here – both audio and video.

I want to book one of your studios for a recital/performance, do I have to pay upfront?

We take a 50% non refundable deposit for all bookings in our recital/performance spaces. The balance will be collected 7 days prior to your reservation date.

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